2016/17 Officer Nominations now open

Hort and Ag circle

The Call for Nominations is now open and we are seeking candidates for the open positions of President, Treasurer, Journal Club Coordinator, Outreach Coordinator, and Social Chair. Both self-nominations and nominating others (as long as they accept the nomination) are welcome. Position descriptions can be found here.

Being an officer is a chance to grow personally and professionally, to develop skills, gain unique experience and make lasting connections with a team of other passionate and motivated plant scientists. It is a very good resume builder.

Service in an officer position for GGHA Students is a chance to help make decisions affecting your graduate student life at UC Davis and shape the future of the Hort&Ag Grad Group. The opportunity allows you to work with other GGHA students that you may not normally interact with and to be part of the decision making the process for some of what goes on in the graduate group. This is an exciting time to join the leadership of GGHA Students and help the graduate group become more cohesive.