Students of the Horticulture & Agronomy Graduate Group (GGHA Students)

The Students of the Horticulture & Agronomy Graduate Group (GGHA Students), represents the social, outreach, and organizing aspects of the students of the UC Davis Horticulture & Agronomy Graduate Group.

The Horticulture & Agronomy Graduate Group includes students from several departments including the Departments of Plant Sciences, Entomology, Environmental Design, (Land, Air and Water Resources), Plant Pathology, and Viticulture and Enology.

The graduate students are involved in a wide range of plant and environmental research areas including but not limited to plant physiology, population genetics and genomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, plant breeding, plant pathology, weed science,  post-harvest biology, resource management, ecology, viticulture, floriculture, horticulture, and agronomy.

Events within the group will be announced through email or facebook.