Cassandra Bullock-Bent

MSc, Andrew Walker Lab, Viticulture and Enology, Viticulture

Key words: Plant Growth and Development, Plant Nutrition, Crop Physiology

I am a M.S. student in Horticulture and Agronomy studying in Dr. Andrew Walker’s lab at UC Davis. Our lab focuses on classical breeding in primarily rootstocks and wine grapes. Our rootstock breeding program researches resistances to abiotic stress, viruses, nematodes, and phylloxera. My research contribution evaluates salinity tolerance in grapevine rootstocks, which is a quantitative trait that shows a high degree of environmental variability. I study salt tolerance by means of root phenotyping, quantifying chloride accumulation in leaf tissue, and refining current phenotyping assays. I received my B.S. in Plant Sciences at Cal Poly Pomona, where I developed my research skills by working in Dr. Still’s lettuce breeding lab as well as participating in the Asian Citrus Psyllid Student Research Symposium. I feel passionate about education in science and plan to use my experiences to promote a healthy environment of communication between industry, academia, and the general public through volunteer work. Grapevines are a fascinating crop to work with, so when I graduate, I will continue my relationship studying grapes and pursue a career in the viticulture industry.