Kamolchanok (Nok) Umnajkitikorn

Kamolchanok (Nok) Umnajkitikorn is a PhD student in Dr. Eduardo Blumwald’s lab. Kamolchanok received the Development and Promotion of Science and Technology Talents Project (DPST) scholarship from the Thai government.  She got her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Chiang Mai University, Thailand. Kamolchanok’s research focuses on plant physiology and cell biology in improving drought tolerance in rice by delaying stress-induced senescence using a transgenic approach to silence chloroplast vesiculation (CV) gene, as well as, elucidating the mechanism of chloroplastic vesicle transport to vacuoles. CV controls a stress-induced chloroplast degradation pathway and have a direct role in nitrogen assimilation and remobilization. Kamolchanok is also interested in teaching. She was a TA of molecular and biochemistry lab (MCB120L) and cell biology lab (MCB140L). In her free time, she enjoys watching TV series, biking, and traveling to many places in the USA and other countries.