How to get involved?

The working edition of this list is available on Hort & Ag wiki. Last updated: Spring 2020.


Frequency & commitment

Goal & Impact

Mode of actions

Graduate Program review

Every 7 years

Provide feedback through official scheduled review cycle hosted by UC Davis Graduate Studies and outside reviewers

- Written survey

- Focus group meeting

- Email inquiry to review committee


GGHA Executive committee



Coming soon – based on the feedback from the recent review in 2019/2020

Represent GGHA students at GGHA executive committee meetings

GGHA Admissions committee

(per by law v.2006*)

One academic year (esp. Jan to March); Recruit annually by GGHA

Review applications to GGHA for MS and PhD.

- Regular meeting

- Application review/recommendation

GGHA Education Policy/Curriculum committee

(per by law v.2006*)

One academic year; Recruit annually by GGHA

Responsible for matters concerning courses officered by GGHA, pursuing sources of financial support for students, the format of QE, and others.


GGHA Town Hall meeting

Every quarter; New in 2020!

Casual meeting between students and GGHA management team. This is hosted in collaboration with the student association. Recordings, if applicable, will be posted at

- Q&A

- Potential light refreshment

GGHA Orientation

September every year.

Current students can volunteer to share experience and help answer questions. This is usually followed by student organization’s annual welcome BBQ.

- Q&A panel

- Lunch discussion

Admission resources

Recruit annually by GGHA coordinator

Help answer admission-related questions from prospective students. List published by GGHA coordinator.

- Q&A


In-person meeting with prospective students

As needed. See email from GGHA coordinator.

Introduce prospective students to resources and help answer questions on grad school experiences.

- Casual lunch

- Tour of lab/facilities

HRT 290 - Seminar

Fall quarter from 2019; previously in Spring

Opportunity for current students to connect and practice presentation skills. Public exit seminars are otherwise scheduled throughout the year and announced in advance through

- Flash talk

- Long presentation (Exit seminar)

- Short presentation (QE practice, general research presentation)

- Discussion

- Poster session

- Potential light refreshment

- Collaboration with Student organization (‘Diversity in Hort&Ag’)

Horticulture and Agronomy Student Association

One academic year; Recruit/elect officers annually

Represents the social, outreach, and organizational aspects of GGHA students at the campus and community level.

Through committees on ranges of grad experience:

- Management (President and Treasurer)

- Social team (facilitate social interactions and outreach. Major sub-committees include peer mentor program and outreach. Previously included a journal club, a sport team, … More sub-committees as needed.)

- IT & Communication (Maintain student association website, public roster, and alumni database)

- Any additional committees as needed.

Representative to Graduate Student Assembly (GSA)

One academic year; Recruit/elect annually with student association officers

Represent GGHA students at the campus level through Grad Student monthly assembly hosted by UC Davis Grad Student Association. This participation ensures annual funding from GSA to our student association.

- Monthly meeting

- Direct interactions with campus entities

- Forward news and updates from GSA to GGHA students


Official graduate group listserv. Managed by GGHA coordinator. Every student can send an email to this listserv.

- News & Announcement, including official messages fron UC Davis entities.

- Forwarded messages

- Job opportunities

- Requests


Official listserv, focus on community listings and social events. Managed by the student association social team and the GGHA coordinator. Every student is subscribed automatically and can opt out. Everyone can send an email to this listserv.

- News & Announcement from the social team

- Community listings included but not limited to the following topics: sales, housing, requests, advice, political, charity, career, social

Hort & Ag Wiki


Open-source community wiki pages for resources on a wide range of topics., in addition to the official GGHA website (, available at Everyone can view. Updated regularly by the current GGHA students. Only logged-in members can edit.

- Q&A

- Review

- Comparison

- List of options

Horticulture and Agronomy Roster

Updated at least annually Managed by IT & Communication committee of the student organization, with advice from GGHA coordinator.

- Public student profile with search function

Horticulture and Agronomy DISCORD server at


Open server to GGHA students for communication over voice, video, and text. This is like a combination of Slack and Skype. We hope this reduce the number of emails we need to send through the main listserv, while providing our students more robust platform to collaborate. Refer to How to use Discord for more instructions.

- Chat

-Voice/video call

- File sharing

*GGHA By law available on UC Davis Graduate Studies website at