Office Descriptions

All positions should try and encourage student participation in club events. Core officers (President, Treasurer, Journal Club Coordinator, Social Chair, Webmaster) need to be registered with the UC Davis OrgSync.


The president oversees the club as well as leads the rest of the officer positions. The president helps SHAGG coordinate with the GGHA, such as manage GSA Reps. Aside from knowing what the other officers are doing, the president should be an active member in the club and participate in club activities as well as be willing to fill in positions when others are unable to. The president also has responsibilities such as: making sure club activities do not violate university policies, maintaining SHAGG’s active club status with the university, having a signature on file for the club’s bank account and recruiting new SHAGG officers. This also includes things like making sure the club website does not infringe on use of the UC Davis name or logo, that university club funds are spent according to university policy (not on alcohol), and confirming that alcohol permits have been obtained or obtain them for on campus events.


The treasurer manages the finances of the club. When a club sponsored activity requires money for any reason (typically in the form of reimbursement), the treasurer approves the request on behalf of SHAGG and allows the money to be issued from either of the club’s accounts. They maintain the club’s bank account and are responsible for going to the bank (need to have a signature on file) to make deposits or withdrawals. They also should be aware of the club’s current funds. The treasurer also generally manages selling club merchandise (i.e. t-shirts) at club events. The university also considers the treasurer a position that makes sure club activities do not violate university policies.


The Webmaster maintains and updates the club website, including posting announcements, updating events and calendars, collecting and posting student bios, etc.

Journal Club Coordinator:

The JCC is responsible for organizing the weekly SHAGG/GGHA journal club. Duties include: arranging for a meeting space and time, having an article to present or arranging for someone to present, making that article available to journal club attendees, arranging for the credit registration (yes, you can get credits by attending journal club meetings!) and recording the attendance. Meeting schedule for each quarter may be flexible. The person presenting at the week’s journal club is typically determined beforehand, but in the event someone cannot bring an article, it is up to the JCC to bring one. Aside from the basic duties, the JCC brings snacks to the meetings (reimbursed by the club) and encourages attendance by GGHA and related grad group students (IGG, PBGG). It is up to the JCC whether they would like to organize other activities in lieu of journal club on occasion, i.e. attending a literature review writing workshop hosted on campus or inviting the authors of the paper to the meeting if available.

Social Team (Social Chair and the committees):

The Social team is a group of people who want to facilitate networking and are willing to bring joy to the grad group! The team, coordinated by a Social Chair, consists of several committees in charge of coordinating all the SHAGG social events. This includes, but is not limited to, Potluck Committee (organize regular potlucks on campus and/or at GGHA members’ places), Outreach Committee (coordinate outreach events, such as the local elementary school’s annual science fair), Happy Hour Committee (arrange on- and off- campus Happy Hour, as well as acquire an approved alcohol permit, if needed.), Sport Committee (manage sport teams representing GGHA to participate in local leagues), Mentor Program Committee (arrange mentor-mentee match-up between current students and incoming students), and Excursion Committee (organize outdoor activities or excursions to farms and interesting places). Social team members can work together to facilitate the activities above. Social team is also in charge of the annual GGHA welcome barbeque with help from other SHAGG officers. It typically occurs within the first couple of weeks of the fall quarter. Other events that have been coordinated in the past and may fall into any of the committee above include movie screening/movie nights and fundraising.


Graduate Student Association Representatives (four + alternates):

While these positions are technically part of GGHA and not SHAGG, they are grouped with the SHAGG officers in terms of grad group management/participation. However, instead of being registered with the university through OrgSync, they are registered with the UC Davis GSA. We are awarded one position per 30 students in GGHA (currently 4 GSA reps) plus alternates. It is a good position for someone interested in SHAGG but without a large time commitment. These positions are the liaisons between GSA and the GGHA/SHAGG. These positions require attendance of monthly meetings on the first Wednesday evening of the month during the school year (dinner provided). It is best if one of the SHAGG officers is a GSA rep as it keeps SHAGG informed of what is going on and what is to come.

Before each meeting, the GSA sends a meeting agenda that the assembly body will go over. At each meeting you will represent the students of GGHA. Hopefully, at least one rep will take notes on anything pertinent to GGHA students and tell the GGHA what was discussed. In the event that a rep cannot attend a meeting, it is the rep’s duty to contact an alternate GSA rep to attend the meeting for them. It is typical for reps and alternates to share meeting attendance duties.  Attendance is important because it determines how much funding GSA will provide to SHAGG. Also, one of the reps will be responsible for forwarding weekly GSA memos to the GGHA.