Upcoming Social Happenings

Many updates on happenings coming up:

  1. Happy Hour: this Friday, October 20th @ 5pm @ Uncle Vito’s
  2. Lunch on the quad: Several attendees of the social team meeting want to start an informal lunch gathering on Fridays @ 12 pm to catch up with people in the group. If you’re free we will be eating on the lawn outside of PES while it is still nice and will move indoors once the winter weather hits.
  3. Bowling / games interest: Fill out survey of when you are available if you are interested in having a bowling / game night this quarter. https://doodle.com/poll/2f4nkxdf2ck4b7x6
More social events in the work, so be on the lookout!

GGHA Students is recruiting new officers!

Vote for Happy hours & share your ideas!!

In short: Fill out the poll http://tinyurl.com/HappyHortAgrFall16 by Thu 10/6 to share your ideas and help choose when we’ll have happy hours! Thanks!


Extended version:

What is happy hour?

  • GET IN TOUCH with members of our grad groups;
  • TAKE A BREAK from classes and lab/field works;
  • ENJOY snacks, drinks and fun conversations;
  • and yes, it will be ON CAMPUS, in Robbins!!!


VOTE for the day of the week that you are available after work (i.e. 5 pm). Go to http://tinyurl.com/HappyHortAgrFall16 (log in to UCD) and VOTE NOW!!!! (by Thu 10/6).


More ideas?

Want to host a movie night, Halloween party, Thanksgiving dinner, or other fun events? Contact Paul (pkasemsap@ucdavis.edu). Interested in putting together a QE study group or have ideas for community outreach? Contact Jen (jenschmidt@ucdavis.edu) – we’d love to hear from you!