Continuing Events

  • Hort&Ag Journal Club: every Monday 5:30-6:30pm at Robbins 140, CRN  86594 (Spring 2017). One paper is discussed each week. Every Hort&Ag student is welcome to join even if you didn’t register for credit. Free snacks provided! Journal Club Coordinator: Mitchell Feldmann.
  • Hort&Ag Happy Hour: Specific time and location will be announced through email list and facebook page.
  • Hort&Ag Wed Farmers’ Market Gathering: 6pm every Wed. at Farmers’ Market (Central Park, 5th Street, Davis, CA), relax and enjoy the time with Hort&Ag cohorts.
  • Graduate Student Association Assembly Meeting: See schedule here.
  • Plant Sciences Department weekly seminars: See schedule on the Plant Sciences event page  (typically Wednesday’s at noon in 3001 PES).
  • Plant Biology Grad Group weekly seminars: See schedule here.
  • Plant Pathology Grad Group weekly seminars: See schedule here.




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