Couch Convos 2/22/2021

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Email evsmith [at] for a zoom link

Hi Everyone!

Our next Couch Convos meeting will be next Monday (2/22) evening! Feel free to log on to the Zoom meeting around 5:15 to catch up with everyone. The formal meeting will start at 5:30 pm. At this meeting, we’ll be continuing our work compiling DEI resources for the GGHA Student Association website. The Zoom invitation for the meeting is available upon request.

For those who are just tuning in to Couch Convos, they are biweekly Zoom meetings designed to provide a space for students to discuss and build understanding of issues around systemic racism, anti-racism, and social justice, as well as to develop and execute actionable items that bring about positive change. It is important that couch convos are a space where students can feel comfortable expressing themselves on these issues without fear of judgement from their peers. I'm attaching the document containing the community guidelines for Couch Convos to this email; please familiarize yourself with them before the meeting if you haven't already.


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