Happiest of hours 10/17/2019 @ De vere's

Event Date

De vere's Irish Pub

Prepare your Pie holes for the most joyous of hours to grace your work week calendar every two weeks. That is right, it is happy hour time!!!!!!

Sidenote, can we get a group together to go paint a tree orange or something? I need some fall and the onslaught of pumpkin themed things just isn't tickling that itch that only some trees going into winter dormancy can.

Where: De vere's Irish Pub
When: 5:22pm on Thursday the 17th
What: See attached menu  (They have great food discounts too for those of you that do not drink!)
Why: Cause the pumpkin social is Wednesday so we can't get whiskey orrrrr go drinking during the social so you should get your posteriors to this pub
Who: You, your cow, your significant other, your acquaintance that makes you want to punch them  in the face but you still want to befriend, that weird guy who sits next to you in the lab, any cool undergrads that are 21+.