Happy Hours 2k19 October 30th

Event Date

3rd and U Cafe

Spooky season is coming to an apex and it is time that we come together on Halloween eve in joyous fellowship to have a good time!

Also, what the hell is going on with this wind? It is killing the spooky vibes and while I do enjoy a good gently breeze to keep my cape aloft this is a bit much. Maybe we use our collective plant skills to grow a grove of protective trees around all of Davis as a windbreak, just a thought.

Where: 3rd and U Cafe
When: October 30th @ 5:23pm
Why: To get your spooky spook on with your pals
What: Happy hour with food deals for those of you that do not drink!!!!
Who: Anyone who has not been blown away by these gale force bursts of natural rage.