Amanjot Kaur, M.Sc.

Amanjot Kaur

Position Title
Dina St. Clair Lab

Plant Sciences


Vegetable crops: Tomatoes and Peppers

Keywords: Vegetable Crops, Crop Improvement, Plant Breeding, Agricultural Engineering, Drought Stress, Biochemistry, Spectroscopy, Plant Genetics

My name is Amanjot Kaur. Born and raised in a small rural town of Panjab, India, I immigrated to the Central Valley with my family at the age of 13. Partaking in the Future Farmers of America (FFA) during my high school education kindled my passion for agriculture, plants, and leadership which led me to obtain my undergraduate degree in Biotechnology (emphasis in Plants) at UC Davis (Class of 2016). I am currently a second year Masters student working on a collaborative project between plant breeding, agricultural engineering and post-harvest biochemistry in vegetable crops (specifically, tomatoes and peppers). My work involves developing, calibrating and validating statistical chemometric models with existing spectrophotometric technology on fruits to assess their use as in-field plant high-throughput phenotyping tools for tomato and pepper breeding. I work with genetically diverse introgression lines of tomatoes developed at UC Davis as well as diverse cultivars of peppers from New Mexico State University.