Isabel Hernandez, Ph.D.

Isabel Hernandez

Position Title
Matthew Gilbert Lab


Pomology/Fruits & Nuts: Blueberry

Plant Physiology, Plant Nutrition, Water Relations, Plant Growth

I am a Ph.D. student in Horticulture and Agronomy studying in Dr. Matthew Gilbert’s lab at UC Davis. Our lab focuses on whole plant physiology. My research evaluates the adaptation of southern highbush blueberry plants to high soil pH and drought conditions by using Vaccinium arboreum as a rootstock.

I received a B.S in Agronomy and an M.S. in Agricultural Sciences with minor ecophysiology in tropical crops at the National University of Colombia. I developed research skills in seeds physiology, mainly in a wild blueberry species (Vaccinium meridionale). During my B.S, I worked with plant nutrition and soil physics in banana production in Colombia. I feel passionate about doing research focused on solving needs for agriculture and using science to contribute to the development of communities by maximizing their own resources and environmental conditions.