Mohd Rezaul Islam (Rana), MSc

Mohd Rezaul Islam (Rana)

Position Title
Mitcham Lab

  • Plant Sciences

I am an International MS student from Bangaldesh. Before joining this program, I had been working with " Horticulture Innovation Lab, UC Davis " and worked mainly with postharvest technologies like CoolBot cool room, solar chimney dryer and floating gardens . Now, I am working on small scale cooling technologies. Namely forced air cooling and coolBot cool room.My research is focused on testing the energy efficiency of forced air cooling in coolBot equipped cool room over a traditional cooling. So, we can come up with recommendations to the small scale farmers/growers whether it is economically beneficial or not to use forced air cooling in a walk in coolBot cool room over traditional cooling system. Besides, we will be doing a product qaulity comparison of the stored produces when stored in different types of cooling system.