Taylor Nelsen, MSc

Taylor Nelsen

Position Title
Mark Lundy Lab

  • Plant Sciences

Small grains/Agronomy:  Malting Barley and Wheat

Keywords: Nutrient Management, Sustainable Intensification, Drones

Taylor Nelsen is from North Carolina where she graduated from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill with a BS in Environmental Science and a BA in Geography in 2016. She has been a part of various research teams, modeling the spread of disease in dairy herds, mapping food deserts and investigating the microbiological control of mites in Pichincha, Ecuador. Working with the NC Botanical Gardens and the NC Department of Agriculture Taylor has experience managing a variety of native species as well as crops. Taylor started as a graduate student in the Lundy Lab in September 2016. Her research focuses on nitrogen management in malting barley and aims to collect data with traditional agronomic methods in conjunction with many new technologies such as proximal sensing devices, high-resolution imagery, and GIS.