Plant Breeding Center Student Spotlight: Priscilla Glenn

Howdy! My name is Priscilla Glenn and to put it simply, I am a Texas gal whose early interest in genetics led her to the expansive world of plant breeding. My journey into the plant sciences was accidently kickstarted by my younger brother. When I was in second grade, I distinctly remember learning the Punnett square and that brown eyes are dominant over blue. Raising my hand, I asked why and how my brother had blue eyes then, if both my parents had brown. I was given an elementary answer, but from that time period on, I was hooked on genetics.

Plant Breeding Center Student Spotlight: Aaron Anderson

I always give a roundabout answer whenever people ask me where I am from. In short, I am from Tennessee, but grew up in a small Appalachian town called Blaine before moving to Nashville, where I attended undergrad at Lipscomb University. I started college wanting to be a veterinarian before realizing that while I loved my animals; other people’s animals were kind of gross. After deciding that animals, and people for that matter, were not fun to study, I ended up focusing on plants.

Plant Breeding Center Student Spotlight: Kreingkrai Nonkum

My name is Kreingkrai Nonkum, I am an international student from Thailand under the Royal Thai Government Scholarship. I am a third year Ph.D. student in the Horticulture and Agronomy Graduate Group, in the Department of Plant Sciences. I have plans to graduate with my Ph.D. in Fall 2022.